Inspection with integrity

UK Road Tanker Inspection (UK RTI) offers full inspection services for your tankers. UK RTI are the first UK Inspection body accredited for gas testing. Inspection can take place at our site but we also offer mobile testing, full UK coverage, 6 year testing and fleet management.

What are the benefits of mobile testing?

Mobile testing reduces downtime, costs and is convenient.  It means we can test multiple tankers on your premises.  We can also make use of on-site customer repair facilities, if required.  If you would rather use our site premises this is possible too.

Why gas testing?

UK RTI is the innovator in gas testing inspection service for 6 years in the UK, being the first inspection body to gain their accreditation. Gas testing is the number one choice as the benefits are vast.  Unlike traditional water-based testing gas eliminates the risk of cross contamination and bio-fuel fungal growth. Gas testing is also much safer than water which makes it perfect for class 9 vehicles such as bitumen tankers.  It reduces business downtime and is environmentally friendly avoiding unnecessary water wastage.

Why do I need fleet management?

Our team of dedicated engineers can manage everything for you.  We offer full fleet management for our clients.  Our systems manage your testing cycle for your fleet, taking away all the hassle. We help you to avoid compliance issues, proactively booking tests when they are due. We hold all the historical data on our system including parts and fitting based on previous tests.

Do you need a Domestic Road Tanker Inspection?