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A failing tanker could cost your business dearly. Regular tanker testing with a trusted accredited supplier will increase safety, reduce downtime, prolong the tankers lifespan and ensure you are meeting the legal requirements for your business. Ultimately it will save you money and time.

UK Road Tanker Inspection Limited (UK RTI) is the industry leader and was the first company in the UK to gain accreditation for 6 year gas testing. Gas testing is the best solution as it is safe, convenient, reduces contamination issues and is environmentally friendly. We offer mobile testing across the UK allowing us to test multiple vehicles at your site.  Our dedicated engineers and fleet management service means you never miss a deadline.  It’s the cost effective, convenient choice for your business.

Congratulations to our General Manager Nigel Black, MBE

Huge congratulations to Nigel Black, General Manager for UK RTI, who recently attended his Investiture Ceremony at Windsor Castle almost two years after being awarded his MBE.

We couldn’t be prouder of Nigel, who was on the Queen’s Honours list at the beginning of 2020 for his services to the military.

Nigel joined UK RTI, part of the British Engineering Services Group, in 2019 from the Army where he served 36 years as a Warrant Officer Class 1 in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.  Not only is he a valuable member of our team, but he is a passionate and dedicated leader and we we’re delighted to see his services recognised in this way – a real honour for someone truly deserving!

Pictured, Nigel standing proudly with his prestigious medal.

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at Tip Ex Tank Ex 2021

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At UK-RTI we support our customers with the highest quality Road Tanker inspection service.

And we’d love to talk to you about our what we do and how we can help keep you and your business safe and legally compliant.  For more information, simply get in touch with our team by emailing inspections@uk-rti.com or read more about our services here.

We are pleased to share that Nigel Black is now leading the UK RTI team.

Nigel and the team of skilled engineers and office-based people will continue to work alongside our customers and position this brilliant business for ongoing growth.

After more than 18 months as Technical Manager for the Company, we know Nigel will be a driving force in helping make sure our customers leave nothing to chance, with the very best road tanker inspection services. He is a natural leader and an expert in this industry, making him a great fit for this role. He was also awarded an MBE in December 2020 for his services to the military, and we’re especially proud of him for this.

Nigel would be delighted to speak to any of our customers, past, present or future, simply email inspections@uk-rti.com

UK RTI – Inspection with integrity.
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Using UK RTI will reduce your downtime and costs whilst ensuring you increase safety, protect the environment, never miss a deadline and remain compliant. How?

  • Gas testing not water
  • Mobile testing
  • Full UK coverage
  • UKAS accredited
  • BSI 9001:2015 accreditation
  • 6 year tests
  • Dedicated engineers
  • Fleet management
  • Accredited to ISO/IEC 17020:2012