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A failing tanker could cost your business dearly. Regular tanker testing with a trusted accredited supplier will increase safety, reduce downtime, prolong the tankers lifespan and ensure you are meeting the legal requirements for your business. Ultimately it will save you money and time.

UK Road Tanker Inspection Limited (UK RTI) is the industry leader and was the first company in the UK to gain accreditation for 6 year gas testing. Gas testing is the best solution as it is safe, convenient, reduces contamination issues and is environmentally friendly. We offer mobile testing across the UK allowing us to test multiple vehicles at your site.  Our dedicated engineers and fleet management service means you never miss a deadline.  It’s the cost effective, convenient choice for your business.

With things slowly starting the get back to some kind of normal, the issue of Safe Loading Passes (SLP) is back on the table.

The amendment to allow for a SLP that expired between 25th March 2020 – 25th June 2020 to remain valid until the 25th July has almost reached its deadline.  It is now expected that all SLPs should be valid by the 25th July 2020 and as such this date will be reconfirmed to Loading Terminal operators.

At UK-RTI, we can help.  We can do your Safe Loading Pass Scheme inspections and quickly too.  Just get in touch and we’ll take it from there inspections@uk-rti.com

Remember (as quoted on safeloadingpass.co.uk):

“The road loading of high and low flash petroleum products and LPG can be considered as one of the potentially higher risk activities in a typical terminal operating environment.

To ensure that risks are managed to an appropriate level, road tankers entering a terminal to load must satisfy two broad requirements:

  • Ensure that there is no loss of liquid, vapour or gas containment during loading, the vehicles must be designed and constructed to ensure that they are completely compatible with the loading rack mechanical, electrical and control systems. Complete compatibility with the majority of loading racks in the UK is achieved by constructing the vehicles in accordance with the Energy Institute (EI) Code of Practice “ Petroleum road tanker design and construction”.
  • The mechanical and electrical systems fitted to the vehicles must be adequately maintained to a suitable standard such that they do not present an unacceptable risk during loading. 

The Safe Loading Pass Scheme seeks to meet these requirements across UK loading terminals.”

UK RTI – Inspection with integrity.
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Using UK RTI will reduce your downtime and costs whilst ensuring you increase safety, protect the environment, never miss a deadline and remain compliant. How?

  • Gas testing not water
  • Mobile testing
  • Full UK coverage
  • UKAS accredited
  • BSI 9001:2015 accreditation
  • 6 year tests
  • Dedicated engineers
  • Fleet management
  • Accredited to ISO/IEC 17020:2012